Welcome to Bickerstaffe Bows

We are a small group of dedicated archers with a love for the Traditional side of the sport of which we have a deep understanding and appreciation.

Our Workshop is situated in Kegworth, not 40 miles from the Major Oak in Sherwood Forest.

We supply longbows all over the world, "off the peg longbows" through specialist dealers and "custom made longbows" directly to the customer.

We are happy to advise on the most suitable bow for each archer and for each type of shooting, and can make arrows to suit.

Our longbows are finding favour in all forms of Traditional archery

Why not call to see if we can make you your dream bow?

Mark Stretton has drawn a specially made Bickerstaffe yew warbow over 200 lbs draw weight! This has been recognised as a world record in the Guiness Book of World Records. Congratulations Mark - well done!

We also supply kits to make your own bows!

If you feel inspired after reading Pip's book The Heritage Of The Longbow then why not try our complete kit for making your own!

For more information see the kit page

Videos have now been added onto our category and product pages. See the video page to view how we make our longbows.

Call Bickerstaffe Bows now to discuss your long bow and archery requirements on 01509 673863.

All bows are despatched using a fully insured carrier.