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Bickerstaffe Bows no longer make arrows. Instead we are associated withe a fletcher who will happily make arrows to your specification. Please copy and paste the order form shown below and send it to Joff.


Specification (if required)


Customer name & contact details (including address)*








Level of experience (e.g. beginner; was present at Barnet)


Draw weight (at draw length) *


Draw length*


Left/Right Handed*


Nock – self or plastic (plastic being an invention of the devil) *



Field, clout, target under or over 60 yards, roving clout? (With the above, tends to dictate pile, fletching & shaft).



Basic (parallel shafts, plastic nocks) £100/dozen

Bobtailed (plastic nocks) £120/dozen

Bobtailed (self nocks) £144/dozen

Any additional requirements















* Needed. Best to talk through what you want to get the best match of archer/bow/arrow.


Mobile 07816 047418 (uk)

Home 01205 751061 (UK)



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